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Cogent Thinking’s partnership with national motor vehicle parts supplier ACM Parts has been proudly showcased in the latest edition of Allianz Workspace. The article highlights our successful implementation of a worker care program for ACM Parts, which includes the provision of injury prevention, incident response and injury management services nationwide.


Success Story: ACM Parts and Cogent Thinking

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As introduced by Allianz: Allianz client, ACM Parts recently partnered with Cogent Thinking to create a tailored solution to address the complexities of Injury and Claims Management. Their proactive approach to addressing their claims and injury management goals with the assistance of Cogent Thinking is a success story to be shared.
ACM Parts – The Company
ACM Parts is a national motor vehicle parts supplier selling high quality original, recycled and independently certified parts to both the motor repair industry and the general public. The vision of the company is simple: to raise the industry standard on safety, quality and affordability of parts for repairers and consumers. ACM Parts is committed to offering repairers and consumers an easy, fast and cost effective solution for sourcing parts. At a workforce level, ACM Parts wants to be an employer of choice for the industry.
The Challenge
The ACM Parts’ leadership team recognised that the key to a successful business was a well-supported workforce. A Worker Care program was seen as a critical foundation to becoming an employer of choice. With small but growing teams spread across six locations around Australia, ACM Parts needed a nimble and cost effective solution to provide a superior level of care to employees.The Solution
The solution for ACM Parts came about by partnering with Cogent Thinking to implement an injury prevention and management program. This partnership successfully equipped ACM Parts with experience-based training and guidance for site managers and front line leaders, whilst also providing readily available Cogent staff to deal with immediate incident response needs at any of the facilities. This ensured that each facility was provided with expert injury management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The partnership between Cogent and ACM Parts delivers the utmost level of consistent and timely care for all employees, nationwide.
Nick Petracca, Manager Safety and Sustainability at ACM Parts stated that “Cogent was able to prepare a holistic Worker Care package for our business where they presented as a partner with shared values and principals across both prevention and treatment initiatives and activities. Cogent have delivered on their promises and have become a responsive and trusted member of our operation”.

What is Cogent?
Cogent Thinking partners with employers to provide clear-cut solutions to occupational health and injury management, allowing the organisation to focus on their core business. Cogent substitutes the words “paperwork, expense and lost time” when a workplace injury occurs, with the words “cost-effectiveness, efficiency and return to work”.
Consider Cogent to be a personal injury management assistant. Cogent’s program is designed to help employers from the moment an incident is identified through to helping return the worker back to work. From booking specialist appointments and working with managers, to ensuring that all legal obligations are upheld, they cover all the bases. From the moment the team at Cogent are aware of the incident, they are actioning the first solution with on-hand allied health experts. The only responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the employer is to pick up the phone and dial 1800 COGENT. Instead of delays, confusion and incompetency think prompt, succinct and qualified staff being a phone call away.

Further Information
Cogent Thinking can conduct a detailed injury, claims and premium analysis as a starting point.
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Jun, 16, 2015